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    Present: Rizal, Heiko
    Comments: Miguel, Stuart, Gerhard, Eyal, Cor
     * Improve the wording of "JREs already installed" list title,
       to remove confusion
       + "Installed in the system, select one for use with LibreOffice:" (Miguel)
       + "Select the JRE you want to use with LibreOffice:" (Heiko)
       + "Java runtime environments (JRE) already installed. Select one:" (Stuart)
       + not always multiple JRE installed, maybe make it dependent (Rizal)
       => no best solution for non-native speaker, up to the doer
     * Dedicated sidebar deck for table-related functions
       + appreciated (Stuart)
       + Does the table section fill a dedicated tab? yes (Rizal)
       + Is switching between the Table and the Properties tab necessary?
         + no, but it's not intuitive to switch to the table tab (Rizal)
         + automatically switching would be bad (Rizal, Heiko)
       => go for it, answer the questions on BZ
     * Writer Impress : the image compression form should change the
       image resolution only if it decreases
       + hide resolutions above the original dpi rate (Heiko)
       + we cannot hide predefined resolutions as it is bound to width/height
         and users can enter some large value increasing the resolution
       + the wording with "Reduce" is incorrect and we should change it to
         "Change image resolution to:" (Rizal)
         + also change "Compress Image"? (Rizal)
         + wouldn't touch it because users are familiar with this name and
           the respective, usual functionality (Heiko)
        + alternatively we could also use a maximum for Width/Height
       => do it
     * Add option to remove trailing spaces in the Basic IDE
       + laymen would benefit but experts know what they do (Rizal)
       + welcome the change, no harm in it (Cor)
       + no harm in trailing spaces, no benefit in the function (Gerhard)
       + known from IDEs (Eyal)
       + have a special function/command to trim or do on save/run?
       + "beautifier" (in case the function is enhanced later) are usually
         started manually (Rizal, Rafael)
       => do it
     * Simple clicking a module gives the impression that this module
       has the view
       + wouldn't expect a different highlighting, the info is shown
         somewhere (Rafael)
       + same issue for the Stylist (and ticket) with the recommendation
         to use a grayish color for the active yet not selected style
       => do this here as well, link tickets