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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Jim, Mike, Roman, Eyal, Stuart, Miguel
     * Navigator: Proposal to combine Comment category context menu items
       'Show All' and 'Hide All' to check menu item 'Show Comments in Document'
       + change hide/show into "[x] Show Comments" and remove "by author"
         flavors (Jim)
       + not going to fly when "show comments by <author>" is realized (Mike)
       + remove the hide/deletebyauthor functions (Heiko)
       => no support for removal of functions, comment
     * Right-click context menu for line numbering area should show
       line-numbering-related items
       + agree with the proposal (Roman)
       + focus remains within the document margins so no we do not
         have a line numbering context (Heiko)
       + clicking an area is contextual even when the focus doesn't change (Eyal)
       => different views, comment
     * Assign <Alt>+<Del> to .uno:DeleteColumns in Calc for shortcut parity
       as with Tables in Writer
       + shortcut was removed with the 3s timer but help not updated (Stuart)
       + assigning the shortcut is possible but not too helpful (Stuart)
       + Alt+Delete is assigned to "Delete Columns" in Writer, either we
         do the same for Calc or remove it in Writer (Heiko)
       + if we add the shortcut we should first of all consider to assign
         something to "Delete rows", maybe Shift+Alt+Delete (Heiko)
       => no clear decision, comment
     * Automatically extend the chart data source range when adding rows at the end
       + inserting a line between start/end adds it to the data range; before start
         or after end does not unless the option "Expand references when new
         rows/columns are added" is checked (Miguel)
       + adding data to the end is usually done without adding a row and should
         be detected (Miguel)
       + maybe enable SID_SC_INPUT_REF_EXPAND by default (Heiko)
       => unclear impact, comment and needsDevAdvice