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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Eyal, Seth, Dieter, Mike
     * PS formatting gets lost, if you paste text into an new document
       with same name of PS, but different settings
       + keep target style when pasting a source with the same PS (Heiko)
         or let the user confirm (Dieter) or provide some kind of
         paste special option (Mike)
       + unclear use case (Heiko)
       + is a bug: pasting styled content should take the formatting
         from the source if the style is unused, otherwise the target style
         + works for some but not all styles (Cor)
       => bug for the particular style
     * "Drawing Style" should be renamed "Drawing Object Style"
       + +1 (Stuart), -1 (Roman, Heiko), challenge for "Default Drawing Style"
       + "Default Object Style" or "Default Style" or
         "Default Drawing-Object Style" (Eyal)
       + not worth the effort (Cor)
       => resolve WF
     * Change "outline level" to "heading level" in UI and help pages for Writer
       + "Chapter and Outline Numbering", here "Heading Level" (Stuart)
       + "Heading and Outline Numbering" (Eyal) misleading as the request is about
         *Outline Level* supposedly named "Heading Level" (Seth)
       + just "Level"; the Level is defined in a "*Chapter* numbering"
         dialog; could be "Numbering level" (Heiko)
         + no improvement so rather keep it (Heiko)
       + agree to "Heading Level" but we also have a frame label; and the tab itself
         is named "Outline & List" (Cor)
       + afraid of unknown consequences (Cor)
       => recommend to keep "outline level"
     * Introduce a Slide/Page style category in Impress
       + provide kind of direct formatting opportunity via sidebar
         for many different options (Eyal)
       + unclear relation to master slides, everything should be covered (Cor)
       + introducing a new style means to trigger the standardization and
         to add the new feature ultimately to every application (Heiko)
       + it will bring _more_ complexity to the users..
         + better improve gaps in master slide implementation (Cor)
       => invalid request
     * "Hybrid PDF" must share embedded media between the ODT and the proper PDF
       + excessive increase in size (Eyal)
       + do understand the issue - would be nice if that can be avoided, but..
       + PDF and ODF are different formats, keeping both at full length
         has its value (Stuart, Heiko)
       + likely requires to change every PDF reader to access media from
         a shared-data section - or to update all ODF writer/reader and the
         standardization to do so (Cor)
       => WF