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    Present: Cor, John, Heiko
    Comments: Roman, Khaled
     * Open object preferences or options with F4 (and add description to
       context menus)
       + since we cannot use a shortcut for multiple actions this requires
         to introduce a new UNO command which delivers it contextually (Heiko)
       + F4 is currently assigned to different commands in the various
         dialogs (Roman)
       + simply exec .uno:TransformDialog on F4 in Writer but not Calc (Cor)
       + this reduces inconsistency (Cor, John)
       + dislike the idea to block a precious shortcut by a not frequently
         used function (Heiko); function keys should be global shortcuts doing
         the same everywhere like F6 (a11y) or F2 (edit)
         + like the idea to have one shortcut for _any_ properties, though
       => go ahead
     * Show the current View Layout option in the status bar, without
       relying on color
       + one option is to trust icon designers to create easy to distinct icons
       + draw a rectangle around the icon makes sense too (John, Cor)
       + same problem at the page view tab, yet with blue
       => try with a rectangle
     * Ease use of Unicode control characters for bidirectionality,
       e.g. RLI and PDI
       + introduce UNO command that inserts control codes before and
         after selection (Heiko)
       + make existing LTR/RTL selection-dependent (Khaled)
       => let the RTL people decide
     * LANGUAGE SETTINGS: An option to add to writing aids
       + requested minimum word length does not work for short words (eg "teh")
       + better to add the word to the user dictionary or to use NONE as language
         for the selection blocking the spell-checking
       => resolve WF
     * Improve Business Card Help Page
       + no need to make two different functions look identical (John)
       + option is to have one tab "Address" and put Private and Business
         under this tab - not worth the effort (Heiko)
       + or add "Address" to Private/Business - not solving any issue
       => NAB/WF