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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Rafael, Eike, Cor, Stephane
     * Cannot turn off section boundaries with Options-Application Colors
       + remove the special color for section boundaries or fix the issue
       => issue has been resolved fixed by Rafael
     * Tool names are different between the toolbar and Visible Buttons list
       + use the contextlabel instead tooltip for the hint on toolbar buttons
       + show the tooltip additionally if extended tips are enabled
       => lets give it a try
     *  Track changes in a spreadsheet shows the most recent change in a
        transaction instead of the change from the start of that transaction
        + show original + last modification in TC comment would be
          misleading if someone else made changes in between (Eike)
     * -Update Index- to add MS Office option
       + add "Update Page Numbers Only" to ToC
       + appreciated (Cor, Stephane)
       => let's add the function
     * Allow overlap option for Frame and Graphics styles should be disabled
       by default
       + either block insert image when an image is selected or do insert but
         move slightly down/right
       + insert image onto a shape applies it as background
       => one of the two options
     * Please remove the "finished" dialog after restoring Documents
       + auto-finish if everything was successful (Rafael)
       + maybe after a short delay like 500ms (Heiko)
       => do it