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    Present: Hossein, John, Eyal, Heiko
    Comments: Mike, Stuart, Regina, Stéphane
     * Wrong cursor position when deleting a selection in Show Changes mode
       + similar bug 137972 "Correcting with spell checker context menu
         places cursor at the left (previously right)" and (duplicate) bug 149854
         "Track Changes: replace of the first letter of a word is not consistent;
         new character at the left or right of deleted one depending on how"
       + behavior is different for selection and includes the paragraph
         break (Hossein)
            + Feature request -> triple click
       + how many people care (John) - a couple, see duplicate
       + jumping to the end of the selection after deletion if track changes
         is enabled is beneficial (John)
       + it's a pity to abstain from the straight-forward implementation
         we have (Heiko)
       => do it
     * Backup copies of all files are saved to a single folder
       + add option to overwrite the default path to save with
         the document source (Mike)
       + saving documents from different modules always ends up in *.bak files
         + MSO does not allow files from different applications having the same name
           like test.xlsx and test.docx (Hossein, John)
       + add checkbox under Load/Save > General underneath and indented to
         Always create backup copies "[ ] Overwirte backup path and use document
       + not overwriting by adding <underscore number> or /date/random number
         would be an alternative and is used by MSO (Hossein)
         + MSO saves for example C:\Users\<user>\appdata\roaming\microsoft\...
         + see also
         + it is a nightmare to align these documents with the origin (Heiko)
       + using the document folder is common; would make this the default and
         drop the backup folder (Eyal)
       + alternatively using subfolders might be a solution (Eyal)
       + yet another alternative is to hold the path of the original file as
         a property of the backup copy; not very friendly for manual inspection
         by users, but precludes the need for complex mapping/decoding of weird
         extensions and codes (Eyal)
       => comment on ticket
     * Change label "Separator" to "Before Caption" and "Numbering separator"
       to "After numbering" in Caption dialog
       + agree with the need to change (Stéphane)
       + would prefer better documentation (Heiko)
       + "Numbering separator" is unclear
       + dont like the suggestion as both are "before the caption", changing
         the label is welcome however (Eyal)
       + MSO requests manual input of caption separator (:) and provides
         "use separator" with a set of single characters for chapters (Hossein)
       + unclear how it works (Eyal)
       => comment on the ticket
     * Please provide a user preference to disable inheriting the system UI theme
       + dark mode works now (Stuart), themes may help (Regina)
       + Use [( ) Dark ( ) Light ( ) System] options instead of multiple
         options (Hossein)
       + It is possible to use dark mode per application in different platforms with
         platform specific settings. We can use them in LibreOffice. (Hossein)
         $ GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark soffice
       + prefer the addition of system colors to application colors together with
         the ability to use gradients and bitmaps and have some kind of
         "libreoffice theme" that could also be shared via extension (Heiko)
       + majority of users would be happy with a switch for bright/dark (system)
         colors (softmaker/onlyoffice does it very well); and many user wont
         find/search for the supposed extensions (John, Eyal)
       => comment on ticket