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    Present: Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Stephane, Andre
     * Format->Text menu name is confusing in Calc
       + rename Format > Text to Format > Character in Calc (and maybe also
         other modules too)
       + menu items consist of Font and Font Effects from the dialog (Stephane)
         + Font Effects might fit but font weight wouldn't be included
       + Writer has a menu item "Character..." (Heiko)
       + "Text formatting", not a better solution though (Cor)
       => no good solution, this has to be learned; WF
     * Enhancement Request: Exclude some pages from field "Page Count"
       + flag on page break to exclude single pages from counting (Andre)
         + very impractical since the hard page break is assigned to
           the 1st paragraph (Cor)
           One would need to add extra hard page breaks for each ..
       + page style attribute to suppress counting pages (Heiko)
         + bug 71583 requests individual counting and should be closed
         + has probably a use case (Cor) but should be realized as document
           information and not taken into a variable (Heiko)
       + requires a new flag in ODF
       => do it as page style
     * Insert Caption and Caption Options dialogs have a mix of settings
       affecting the whole category or only current caption
       + "local" and "global" settings is one dialog is very
         confusing (Stéphane)
         + Yes - clearly indicating is a must. (Cor)
           but it may prevent the need of extra dialogs
       + discussed with Stephane and we clarified the issues;
         have to work on it (Heiko)
       => comment later
     * LO should retain selection on first document when interacting with
       second document
       + selection color needs to be dimmed (Cor)
         + maybe the reason why it is not shown at all (Heiko)
       => worth to do
     * Revert commit of Bug 91415 - Scale Calc's comment indicator with
       zoom level (please, do not)
       + want to ponder over it (Cor)
         asking a question for clarification - don't get the real problem
       + wild idea: draw text/numbers with background; that would cover
         the comment indicator; but we seem to not have this option on
         a quick glance (Heiko)
       => keep open for now