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Design a color picker as a first step of a broader effort to improve color handling.


Analysis Call for Proposals Shaping Tentative Design Blueprint Implemented


In Scope Out of Scope
  • Theme colors
  • Custom colors
  • Touch friendliness
  • Gradients, patterns, image fill, etc.
  • Palette creation/import

Relevant Bugs

Tentative Design


Proposal by Mirek2



Color Preview

The bubble at the bottom of the pop-up shows the current object color and, if possible, the color to be applied (the one that is hovered over or the one being set under "Custom color") on top of it. The preview shows the color name in order to be accessible for the color-blind. The label on the box is shown either in black or white, depending on whether the previewed color is dark or light. The label should always use easily translatable common nouns.


A row of recent colors is shown at the bottom of the "Custom color" view. They are in chronological order, from the newest to the latest. The first item is always the color being set.

Tools menu

The Tools menu should list commands related to color that aren't usually needed in the course of picking a color, such as "Change theme...".

Proposal by Medieval



Color Picker and gradients

Based on Mirek's older proposal. Custom color/gradient dialog will be opened with pencil icon.

Proposal by Issa



Originally based on Medieval's proposal, updated based on mirek2's proposal. Custom colors can alternately be in the same popover.

Proposal by mahfiaz


These are functionally based on Mirek2's change on the tentative design but are pretty close to Issa's version as well.

Proposal by Mipmap


Relevant Art

See Color Handling for inspiration.