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    In the first two question we wanted to get an impression about the participant. We asked “How often do you run Libreoffice Draw?” and “How well do you know the application?”, both in four discrete steps.

    Usage vs, Expertise

    The next question was “How often do you use the following features?”.

    Relevance of features

    Usually the box denotes the standard deviation or error and whiskers multiple of those values. Here it shows the data categorized by usage and expertise.

    Legend to previous figure

    Relevance of features as profile plot

    The same data plotted as a profile.

    More challenging for evaluation are the other questions. First “For what purpose do you use Libreoffice Draw?”. The last question was about the future: “What do you expect from Libreoffice Draw in the future? Where would you like to see improvements?”.

    Results are in the blog post.