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  • Users miss some objects in the gallery such as BPMN stencils (tdf#99675), IDEF0 diagrams (tdf#99674), or networking symbols (tdf#87892)
  • Current gallery is confusing as it contains too many objects of a certain type (e.g. 68 arrows, 92 bullets, 18 computer, 108 diagram...)
  • Objects in the current gallery are mostly svg formatted but often also png leading to artifacts on resizing
  • Svg objects are badly formatted, e.g. created with Inkscape, Photoshop etc. (eat your own dogfood)
  • Svg objects contain baes64 raster objects (e.g. simulating blur)
  • Svg objects with gradients (most oft them) are loaded with buggy filters leading to rasterized objects (tdf#64464)
  • Objects are inconsitently
  • Legacy objects are maintained even when drop-dead (e.g. homepage, cf. tdf#99967)


  • Create all objects with Draw
  • Prefer arrangements that allows to easily change the properties, e.g. color
  • Define one size for all (e.g. 2x2cm)
  • Use only vector graphics
  • App specific objects such as sounds should be hidden when not relevant
  • Create a special format to step away from svg
  • Have at least 10 but at max 50 items per category
  • Deliver not more than 20 categories
  • Careful name objects, at best with multiple captions to allow easy search
  • Redesign the gallery (