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Please note that this page is only for the development of LibreOffice logos. Please do not use any logo from this page for public distribution. Instead,use the official logos at the LibreOffice Branding Page, Logo Section.

Logo Development

LibreOffice Online

The LibreOffice Online logo has been created for the initial presentation on the LibreOffice Conference 2011 in Paris. It is currently meant to be a placeholder until the community works out a final logo.

2011-10-07v2 LibreOffice Online Ideation.png

Source: File:2011-10-07v3 LibreOffice external logo LibreOffice Online.svg

Application Icons

Web Use

For the use on the The Document Foundation Google+ page, several pixel perfect icons had to be created.

Example: 2011-11-18 LibreOffice ApplicationIcons WebUse Example.png


  • The Document Foundation logo, 200x200 px (incl. margin)
  • Main application icons 150x130 px
  • Main application icons 100x100 px

Source: File:2011-11-18 LibreOffice ApplicationIcons