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    Do you use the sidebar in Libreoffice?

    No, I haven’t tried it. 23 8%
    No, I tried it but prefer toolbars. 26 9%
    Yes, but only for Styles & Formatting and Gallery panels. 131 45%
    Yes, I use the sidebar for as many interactions as possible. 112 38%

    Do you want to modify the sidebar’s position?

    No, I keep it docked at the default side. 196 68%
    Yes, I want to dock it somewhere else. 54 19%
    Yes, I want to not only dock it somewhere else but make it also free floating. 39 13%

    Do you want to resize the sidebar horizontally?

    No, it is fine with its default width. 79 27%
    Yes, I want to enlarge or shrink the sidebar within a reasonable range. 159 55%
    Yes, I want to resize the sidebar to any width up to the screen size. 50 17%

    When switching panels inside the sidebar (like from Properties to Styles and Formatting), may the sidebar change size automatically?

    No, the width should be constant, the content of panels should be such that sidebar does not resize when switching panels. 185 65%
    No, the width should be constant for built-in functionality, but the extensions should have have freedom (if they need). 42 15%
    Yes, the width may dependent on the content, and it can resize with a switch. 58 20%

    Do you want to stack other sidebars vertically (more sidebars on top of each other)?

    No, please have the dock site solely for the sidebar. 125 44%
    Yes, I want to stack other panels to the dock where the sidebar is located. 100 35%
    Don't know what you are talking about 60 21%

    Do you want to configure the content of the sidebar?

    No, please configure it for me. 73 26%
    Yes, I want to switch items on/off. 25 9%
    Yes, I want to switch items on/off and add items. 48 17%
    Yes, I want to switch items on/off, add items, and rearrange them. 138 49%

    Do you want to bring more functionality to sidebar?

    No, there’s enough already now. 45 16%
    Yes, but only more properties setting. 76 27%
    Yes, even interactive operations, like Find & Replace, or Change Tracking. 160 57%

    What is your monitor’s dimension?

    4:3 15 5%
    16:9 or 16:10 258 89%
    other 2 1%
    no idea 14 5%

    What is your screen resolution in pixel?

    low ( <= 1024x768 ) 9 3%
    medium ( > 1024x768 and < 1440x900 ) 82 28%
    high ( >= 1440x900 and <= 1920x1080 ) 133 46%
    extra high ( > 1920x1080 ) 60 21%
    no idea 7 2%

    Do you have suggestions for the sidebar? Valid answers 98