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    Redesign split buttons to work well with touch input.


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    • Work well on the desktop as well as on Android
    • Require use of keyboard

    Definition of Terms

    • Split button: A composite of two buttons: one that simply applies the default value and one that provides a menu allowing the user to set the value.




    • Harry: College student. Types his notes on an Android tablet with a detachable keyboard. Uses the yellow and pink highlight colors to color-code his notes.


    Proposal by Mirek2



    Pull-down button

    The button would represented by an icon with an associated triangle pointing down.

    Tapping a pull-down button would execute a command using the last-used settings (or the default ones). Pressing on the icon and moving the finger in the direction of the triangle or long-tapping the icon would show a box allowing the user to change the settings for the command.

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