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Welcome to the page that collects templates for possible incorporation in LibreOffice 5.0!


To be considered for inclusion, templates must meet the following conditions:

  • They are an original work, and are not converted from existing templates.
  • They are licensed under Creative Commons (CC0).
  • They are templates for LibreOffice Impress and contain two or more master slides.
  • They are based only on fonts bundled with LibreOffice (Caladea, Carlito, DejaVu, Gentium, Liberation, Libertine G, Open Sans, PT Serif, Source Code, Source Sans).
  • They contain no text, including no text in images, as they are intended to be used in any language without the need for translation.
  • They are based on LibreOffice styles, and not on direct element formatting. Styles must be created according to the expected use of the template.

You can submit any amount of templates you want - the more the merrier :-) Based on selection by the Design team, the templates will be integrated into the application, or recommended for addition to the Extensions repository. Templates may be modified before integration.

Deadline for the inclusion to 5.0.0 is 18th July 2015, templates obtained later will be considered for inclusion in the later LibreOffice releases (5.0.1, 5.1.0, ...)

Template Categories

As a means of assisting in a designer's creative process, we have gathered a few categories for templates that they can choose from.

  • Simple/Color - Contains slides that are single color like black or white, linear or radial gradients, and simple general purpose, shape/pattern/graphic oriented design that doesn’t portray a particular topic.
  • Business - Professional looking and geared to be used by companies and organizations containing charts, diagrams, organizational charts, and flowcharts, but also business related like trial & error (winner/success, loser/failer), challenges, competition, meeting, finance, stress, confidence, growth, proposal, and timeline
  • Education - Themed around learning, whether it be about a particular subject (science, literature, etc) or certificate/diplomas
  • Themed - Templates geared toward a particular topic like religion/culture, fitness, food/cooking, occasions (birthdays, weddings, newborns, memorial, christmas), nature/environment, architecture, art/music, health, transportation, travel, real estate
  • Maps - Templates showing the map of the world, continent, region or country

How to include a template

  • Login to this wiki
  • Click [edit] next to "Templates submitted so far"
  • Add an entry like the "Example Entry" to the table and use [Save page] (instead of, use your template name)
  • Click the filename, and follow the uploading instructions

Templates submitted so far

Template name Name + contact email Category of the template Template file Status
Example Entry Example Category
Tweet widescreen Simple/Color File:TweetWidescreen.otp
Tweet 1280x1024 Simple/Color File:Tweet1280x1024.otp
Vivid Blue Simple/Color File:Vivid.odp Integrated (5.3)
Simple Clear Simple/Color File:SimpleClear.otp
Simple Dark Simple/Color File:SimpleDark.otp
blue 5 Example simple File:Blue 5.otp
light blue 5 Example simple File:Light blue 5.otp
Classy red Simple/Color File:Classy red.otp
Peter River Simple/Typography File:Peter river.otp
Omsk Themed File:Omsk.otp
Novosibirsk 4:3 Simple/Color File:Novosibirsk-4 3.otp
Novosibirsk 16:10 Simple/Color File:Novosibirsk-16 10.otp
Biei Simple/Color File:Biei.otp
Piano Themed File:Piano.otp
Drops Simple/Color File:Drops.otp
Leaf Simple/Color File:Leaf.otp
Blue curve Simple/Color File:Blue curve.otp
Pencil Simple/Color File:Pencil.otp Integrated (5.3)
Sazameki Simple/Color File:Sazameki.otp
SAKURA Themed File:SAKURA.otp
Cosmos Themed File:Cosmos.otp
Lights Simple/Color File:Lights.otp
Soccer Themed File:Soccer.otp
Snowman Themed File:Snowman.otp
Nature_illustration Themed File:Nature illustration.otp
Forestbird Themed File:Forestbird.otp
Star Simple/Color File:Star.otp
Beehive Simple/Color File:Beehive.otp
Skyblue Simple/Color File:Skyblue.otp
Notebook Simple/Color File:Notebook.otp
Daruma Themed File:Daruma.otp
Falling snow Themed File:Fallingsnow.otp
Whiteboard Education File:Whiteboard-wall.otp
Technical Office Business File:Technical-office.otp
Template CC Themed File:TemplateCC.otp
Template Monitor Themed File:TemplateMonitor.otp
Template Neuron Business File:Neuron.otp