Development/ODF Implementer Notes/List of LibreOffice ODF Extensions

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    This page contains a list of all LibreOffice ODF Extensions (both current and past).

    LibreOffice ODF extensions

    Commit Added to master Affects LO Versions Added elements or attributes Functional Area OASIS cross-reference Standardized in ODF Standardized as...
    3c5379 2010-11-30 LO 3.4 - axis-type date-scale base-time-unit major-interval-value minor-interval-value major-interval-unit minor-interval-unit
    Have a date axis for chart, and more axis config (Excel interop). See i#25706.
    similar proposal from MSFT: oasis#2119 - date axis on charts
    0b21b8 2010-10-06 LO 3.3 - 4.3 formx excel interop
    Store more excel user form attributes - for e.g. grouping radio buttons (Excel interop)
    oasis#2099 - radio element grouping 1.1 (Feature already exists) "The required feature of grouping radio buttons is already available in ODF 1.1 with the form:name attribute on the form:radio element."
    2efcf2 2010-10-05 LO 3.3 - css3t cell alignment, css3t:text-justify, 'distribute' value and loext:vertical-justify (<=4.2 and to-be style:vertical-justify)
    Horizontal 'distributed' alignment and vertical 'justified' and 'distributed' alignments for cell contents in Calc. Uses CSS3 markup. CJK feature.
    oasis#2317 - distributed text justification
    17d59d 2010-09-28 LO 3.3 - protection-key-digest-algorithm protection-key-digest-algorithm-2 select-protected-cells select-unprotected-cells table-protection
    Store Excel table/cell protection hash and config unmodified. Avoids users to re-type passwords during roundtrip (Excel interop).
    oasis#2112 - sheet protection
    31b471 2010-09-15 LO 3.3 - header-grid-layout excel interop
    Store pivot table header layout (Excel interop), i#68544.

    ec7124 5b0fcb 838c91 2009-11-20 - 2010-04-14 LO 3.3 - coordinate-region prefer-coordinate-region chartooo NS (chart)
    Custom positioning of chart plot area (to e.g. align with other charts). i#100778.
    oasis#3928 - chart position without axis labels 1.3 11.3 <chart:coordinate-region>, part3
    33ef17 2010-03-02 LO 3.3 - drawooo NS - screen & printer (draw/impress)
    Persistent Impress shape visibility (e.g. hide for printing).
    similar proposal from MSFT: oasis#2125 - hidden drawing objects
    115be1 3aeb34 a2a689 2010-02-22 LO 3.3 - tab-color
    Save color for sheet tab in Calc (Excel interop). i#5560.
    oasis#2173 - sheet tab color 1.3 19.731 table:tab-color, part 3
    62304c 2009-11-17 LO 3.3 - tableooo NS
    Store display name for pivot tables (Excel interop). i#106975.
    oasis#2074 - pivot table display name
    a9ac4f 2009-09-16 LO 3.3 - impress notes: officeooo NS
    Support notes for Impress (collaboration feature). i#103139.
    oasis#3022 - impress annotations 1.4
    8570f8 2009-09-14 LO 3.3 - surface (chart)
    Support surface chart extension on import (MS interop). i#104854.
    oasis#1428 - chart types
    38ba8d 2009-08-26 LO 3.3 - filled-radar (chart)
    New chart types filled net and filled radar (Excel interop). i#102677 i#64752.
    oasis#1428 - chart types
    596c16 2009-06-19 LO 3.3 - calc: data-pilot-grand-total
    Store display name for pivot table grand total (Excel interop).
    oasis#3884 - Custom display names in data pilot tables
    fecf68 2009-12-11 LO 3.3 - fieldmark, fieldmark-start, fieldmark-end
    Advanced field support in Writer, roundtrip Word fields (Word interop). i#33737 tdf#30711
    oasis#2096 - fieldmarks
    562433 2010-06-15 LO 3.3 - calc: officeooo:event-listeners
    Store extended sheet events (Excel/VBA interop).

    3119de c4df27dc 2011-01-22 LO 3.4 - table:name on <table:source-cell-range>

    Implementation is faulty for named ranges with sheet scope, see tdf#37268(Regina, 2020-05-24)

    Store named expression name as source range for pivot table (Excel interop)
    oasis#3665 - allow data pilot source cell range to be referenced by textural name 1.3 19.677.12 table:name in <table:source-cell-range>, part3
    e479f4 2010-09-17 LO 3.3 - new values for draw:fit-to-size: "shrink-to-fit", "all"
    Shrink font automatically when text overflows. See i#94086.
    The attribute draw:fit-to-size has data type boolean, see part 1/ section 20.123. Proposal for transition is missing. JIRA report is missing. LibreOffice uses the wrong attribute, see tdf#97630. (Regina, 2016-02-18) attribute style:shrink-to-fit exists already in ODF 1.2 The wrong values for draw:fit-to-size are removed in LibreOffice 7.0 and the correct attribute style:shrink-to-fit is used instead.
    9f4bb5 2012-03-12 LO 3.6 - new boolean paragraph property: loext:contextual-spacing (<=4.2 and to-be style:contextual-spacing)
    Ignore spacing above and below when using identical styles (Word interop). See bnc#750757.
    oasis#3767 - contextual spacing of paragraphs 1.3 20.255 style:contextual-spacing, part3
    cc5138 9f87de 2012-08-03 - 2013-12-09 LO 4.0 - <loext:fill-character> element (to-be <number:fill-character>)
    Support for repeating codes in number formats for calc
    oasis#3765 - <number:fill-character> element for data styles 1.3 16.29.5 <number:fill-character> , part3
    c2a73a 2012-07-16 LO 4.0 - <loext:sender-initials> element inside <office:annotation> (<=4.2 and to-be <text:sender-initials>)
    Store initials of comment author (Word interop)
    oasis#3776 - initials of annotation authors 1.3 14.4 <meta:creator-initials>, part3
    1171a1 2f4ff0 and more 2012-05-25 - 2012-06-11 LO 3.6 - calc: conditional-formats
    Much improved conditional cell formatting
    oasis#3785 - extended conditional formatting
    7ac607 f1481007 2012-07-05, 2017-07-20 LO 4.0 - 6.0; LO 6.1 - style:header/footer-first inside style:master-page (before 6.1); <loext:header-first>, <loext:footer-first> (since 6.1)
    Different header/footer on first page (Word interop)
    oasis#3789 - special header/footer style on first page 1.3 16.11 <style:header-first> and 16.13 <style:footer-first>, both part3
    47e24b f8b6c3 2013-08-18 - 2013-08-23 LO 4.2 - Extend style:text-properties with fo:border*, style:border-line-width*, fo:padding* and style:shadow
    Border around a run of characters (Word interop) see tdf#35155
    oasis#3843 - additional text-properties for extra border attributes
    0b20f0 2014-01-30 LO 4.3 - Extend style:graphic-properties with attributes style:rel-width-rel and style:rel-height-rel
    TextFrames relative to page/margin (Word interop)
    oasis#3854 - additional graphic-properties attributes for basic value of relative width and height
    c3f867 2051dd 1b3368 2003-06-30 OOo 2.0 - text:drop-down element
    This is a text field that was added in OOo in 2003 in CWS aig04 but does not exist in ODF 1.0-1.2
    oasis#3881 - Proposal: drop-down listbox field 1.3 7.4.16 <text:drop-down>, part3
    ed00d0 2014-09-11 LO 4.4 - office:mimetype (new value "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text-master-template")
    New document type: text master document template
    oasis#2580 - Public Comment: Add new document type: text master template document
    fdf8e5 2015-03-22 LO 5.0 - Extend scientific format: number:exponent-interval
    Engineering notation see tdf#30716 i#5930
    oasis#1828 - Engineering notation requires a slightly modified scientific format in which the exponent is always divisible by 3 1.3 19.347 number:exponent-interval, part3
    9c2a80 2015-07-13 LO 5.0 - Extend number format and scientific format: number:min-decimal-places, number:forced-exponent-sign attributes
    Partial variable decimal digits and Exponent sign of scientific format see tdf#90133
    oasis#3860 - Extend specification of number of decimal digits in number formatting 1.3 19.349 number:forced-exponent-sighn, part 3
    19.356 number:min-decimal-places, part3
    c0f7a3f7 LO 3.3 chart legend size: svg:width, svg:height (chartooo:width, chartooo:height) attributes Explicit resize of legend see i#28670 oasis#3883 - [chart Proposal: chart legend size] 1.3 19.543.2 svg:height in <chart:legend> and 19.575.4 svg:width in <chart:legend>, both part3
    d070003b dd5c0b2d 2b243ba5 2013-07-03 LO 4.2 - loext:regression-max-degree, loext:regression-force-intercept, loext:regression-intercept-value, loext:regression-name, regression-type: add polynomial (erroneously not in private namespace), regression-min-degree (in OASIS 1148, but no longer in OASIS 3958) Regression curves, Trendlines Enhancements: Polynomial regression lines, tdf#40314 i#20819 tdf#40316 tdf#35712 tdf#40315 oasis#1148 - Demand for modification of ODF file format about regression curve in spreadsheet
    oasis#3958 -  Add polynomial regression type, force-intercept and regression-name
    1.3 20.44 chart:regression-force-intercept, 20.45 chart:regression-intercept-value, 20.46 chart:regression-max-degree, 20.48 chart:regression-name, schema change for 20.50 chart:regression-type, all in part3
    d070003b dd5c0b2d 2b243ba5 2013-07-03 LO 4.2 - loext:regression-moving-type, loext:regression-period, regression-type: add moving-average (erroneously not in private namespace) Regression curves, Trendlines Enhancements: Polynomial regression lines, tdf#40314 i#20819 tdf#40316 tdf#35712 tdf#40315 oasis#1148 - Demand for modification of ODF file format about regression curve in spreadsheet oasis#3959 - Add moving-average to chart regression types 1.3 20.47 chart:regression-moving-type, 20.49 chart:regression-period, schema change for 20.50 chart:regression-type, all in part3
    d070003b dd5c0b2d 2b243ba5 2013-07-03 LO 4.2 - loext:regression-extrapolate-forward, loext:regression-extrapolate-backward Regression curves, Trendlines Enhancements: Polynomial regression lines, tdf#40314 i#20819 tdf#40316 tdf#35712 tdf#40315 oasis#1148 - Demand for modification of ODF file format about regression curve in spreadsheet
    1544a26a 2016-05-30 LO 5.2 number:max-denominator-value for number:fraction maximum number of digits for denominator, tdf#99661 oasis#3695 - number:max-denominator-digits attribute to number:fraction 1.3 19.352 number:max-denominator-value, part 3
    309bc355 2016-06-20 LO 5.3 loext:first-row-even-column, loext:last-row-even-column, loext:first-row-end-column, loext:first-row-start-column, loext:last-row-end-column, loext:last-row-start-column Writer's table styles
    aab21302 2016-07-27 LO 5.3 loext:zeros-numerator-digits, loext:zeros-denominator-digits Fraction number format: enable to use '0' as digit in addition to '?' and '#', tdf#100755
    f06a3503 2016-07-27 LO 5.3 loext:integer-fraction-delimiter Fraction number format: enable to use a delimiter between integer and fraction different from ' ', tdf#100834
    a8b7c724 2013-04-25 LO 4.1 - calcext:value-type="error" Formula results of type string and errors can not be distinguished with office:value-type so add a new type "error". oasis#3759 - Inability to recognize errors
    9009663d 2017-04-04 LO 5.4 loext:data-pilot-source="DataPilot1" (attribute on chart:chart element) Needed for pivot chart support - with this we link a chart to a pivot table. When set, all the ranges serve only as identifiers for the internal data table. When importing, the pivot table must exist and all data is loaded from the pivot table.
    4469b29f 2017-07-27 LO 5.4.1 loext:mime-type="..." (attribute on draw:image element) Flat odf -> xhtml conversion via XSLT. See tdf#109202 and the commit message. oasis#3943 - Proposal: Allow attribute draw:mime-type in <draw:image> element 1.3 schema change for 19.191 draw:mime-type, part3
    2c10d784 523da0bf

    a26c4448 6ca6d6ac

    2013-07-17, 2017-12-08 LO 6.1, illustr. LO 5.4.5 loext:index-entry-link-start / loext:index-entry-link-end inside text:illustration-index-entry-template, text:table-index-entry-template, text:object-index-entry-template, text:user-index-entry-template

    implementation for user-index is missing (Regina, 2020-06-03)

    ODF 1.2 only allows hyperlinks in table of contents, this adds it for illustration index etc. too. oasis#3941 - Proposal: text:illustration-index-entry-template: allow hyperlinks 1.3 schema change for 8.13.7 <text:index-entry-link-start> and 8.13.8 <text:index-entry-link-end>, both part3
    1037e375 e1024321 2018-01-31 LO 6.1 loext:reference-language (attribute of <text:bookmark-ref>, <text:note-ref>, <text:reference-ref> and <text:sequence-ref>) alternative references with Hungarian articles, draft of ODF proposal in tdf#115319
    b5e16d8d 2015-05-18 loext:page-name page name field in Impress and Draw. Likely related to tdf#88056 and tdf#47302
    bfd613a4 f64a78b4 2017-12-04 LO 6.1 <loext:signatureline loext:id="" loext:suggested-signer-name="..." loext:suggested-signer-title="..." loext:suggested-signer-email="..." loext:signing-instructions="..." loext:show-sign-date="true" loext:can-add-comment="false"/> Signature Lines (element below draw:frame, needs a draw:image above the signatureline element)
    6499ea2f 0224740e 2018-05-30 LO 6.1 <loext:SignatureLine>

    <loext:SignatureLineId></loext:SignatureLineId> <loext:SignatureLineValidImage></loext:SignatureLineValidImage> <loext:SignatureLineInvalidImage></loext:SignatureLineInvalidImage> </loext:SignatureLine>

    This is part of xd:SignedSignatureProperties in documentsignatures.xml. Holds the signature line images and the signature line id.
    e4de5b40 2014-12-27 LO 4.4 <loext:table> <loext:table-column> <loext:table-row> <loext:table-cell> etc. inside shapes Writer text box feature: tables can be added inside of draw shapes oasis#3761 - Allow table:table as child element for shapes
    1e034575 1401f5fb 2018-03-02 LO 6.1 <loext:ruby-position> with new value "inter-character" Ruby position on the right side of text oasis#3944 - Proposal for new value of style:ruby-position
    18bfd9d5 44cfc7cb 2012-11-06 LO 4.0 <loext:p> inside <draw:object> text on embedded object / OLE shapes
    8af98ac8 cd2a7acd 2019-02-13 LO 6.3 - new writing mode enumeration value: bt-lr
    btlr text direction ([1]).
    oasis#4030 - btlr writing mode
    158e9271 2012-01-11 LO ??? <drawooo:enhanced-path>, therein commands H, I, J, K Add DARKEN, DARKENLESS, LIGHTEN, LIGHTENLESS as commands to enhanced-path oasis#2049 - custom shape enhancement
    a5698f1a 2019-09-24 LO 6.4 - new graphic property: allow-overlap
    graphic allow overlap ([2]).
    oasis#4047 - Allow overlap graphic property
    4dbb33a1 2019-11-24 LO 6.5 - new character property: opacity
    character opacity ([3]).
    oasis#4049 - Opacity text property
    37b437dc 2014-03-10 4.3 Element <loext:property-mapping> with attributes property and cell-range-address. It is child element of <chart:data-series>. Current implemented with property="FillColor" and property="BorderColor". Binds the specified property to the values in the specified range. Current implementation uses the value in the cell as color value for the fill and border, respectively, of the data point. OASIS issue missing Standard, version Standard, how
    916ca29b 2019-12-05 LO 6.5 new text style property: <loext:hyphenation-no-caps> Specifies that the current paragraph will not hyphenate words in CAPS. tdf#121658 ODF has the attribute fo:hyphenate to exclude a text range from hyphenation. That is currently not supported, see tdf#106733. A solution with the existing ODF attribute is preferable.
    820bd4b3 etc. 2017-07-10 <loext:PGPOwner> etc. OpenPGP document signatures in xmlsecurity
    062eaeff 2011-12-22 officeooo:rsid, officeooo:parrsid RSID attributes for document compare
    33ef17ed 2010-03-02 drawooo:display on shapes Visible and Printable per shape, not just per layer as in ODF 1.2.
    dc173b7f 2013-01-31 drawooo:sub-view-size subpath sizes on custom shapes
    2001-04-25, 2020-05-08 draw:fontwork*,
    changed to drawooo:fontwork*
    Fontwork (Text along path)
    7b355da6 2015-03-12 calcext:repeat-item-labels repeat item labels on a pivot table
    8fe1f124 2013-12-19 <calcext:data-stream-source>, calcext:empty-line-refresh Calc data streams
    ce1b56ae 2017-07-31 <calcext:data-mappings>, <calcext:data-mapping>, calcext:provider, calcext:data-frequency, calcext:id, calcext:database-name Calc data mappings
    cb875f3e 376011df f7abf77d 2018-07-02 <calcext:data-tranformations>, etc. etc. Calc data transformations
    c172b75b 2015-04-17 loext:ignore-selected-page weird attribute
    034be104 2017-05-17 loext:insert-columns, loext:insert-rows, loext:delete-columns, loext:delete-rows additional protection features TODO add to oasis#2112 - sheet protection
    8af98ac8 2019-02-13 loext:writing-mode bt-lr text direction
    88d3931d 2014-12-07 loext:data-table-show-horz-border, loext:data-table-show-vert-border, loext:data-table-show-outline chart data table properties
    83055835 2014-02-11 loext:chart-dunits-displayunits, loext:chat-dunits-builtinunit chart displayunits properties
    2054af83 2014-01-16 loext:externaldata chart external data path properties
    6c2c974d 2014-07-26 loext:label-stroke-color, loext:label-stroke, loext:label-stroke-opacity, loext:label-stroke-width chart data label border properties
    d52d448e 2015-10-07 loext:try-staggering-first chart axis compatibility property
    aa21f8ac 2016-08-16 loext:regression-x-name, loext:regression-y-name chart regression curve axis names
    b4b40330 2012-06-03 loext:error-standard-weight chart errorbar property
    65123d41 ab40a784 2020-03-05 loext:overlay chart legend overlay
    a96ec04a 2020-02-13 loext:hide-legend chart deleted legend entires of pie charts
    89bbc928 2014-04-05 loext:label-string chart labels that are strings
    2a00d511 2020-02-27 LO 7.0 loext:custom-label-pos-x, loext:custom-label-pos-y chart custom position of data point labels
    7d9bb549 9746dc9a 2014-07-01 <loext:graphic-properties> on styles of family paragraph, table-cell, possibly more? FillStyle properties on paragraphs etc.; see tdf#94768
    f9fc420d c1c67cca ebd39176 d8d31f74 5ac2075d 2020-03-03, 2020-05-06 loext:glow-radius, loext:glow-color, loext:glow-transparency glow effect on shapes
    437fe778 2019-08-22 <loext:qrcode> QRCode on shape
    b10a43b7 2004-01-23 loext:scale-to-X, loext:scale-to-Y oasis#3857 - scale-to-X and scale-to-Y attributes ODF 1.3 20.354 style:scale-to-Y and 20.355 style:scale-to-Y, both part3
    9914ca04 2017-11-28 loext:font-style, loext:font-weight font style and weight of embedded fonts
    4f5928ea 2018-04-08 loext:label-followed-by value newline Newline as a label followed by heading numbering
    1544a26a 2016-05-30 loext:max-numerator-digits somehow related to oasis#3695 - Engineering notation requires a slightly modified scientific format in which the exponent is always divisible by 3 but not contained in it
    807d4382 2018-06-11 loext:transliteration-spellout
    d2025bdc 2019-07-25 loext:resolved annotation flag: resolved?
    7a586a9c 412b1f8d 2018-07-06 loext:hidden, loext:condition hide bookmarked text with condition
    643db96e 2013-08-14 loext:char-shading-value character shading value
    a0dcf961 2012-11-30 style:hidden, loext:hidden hidden styles
    c2b36cd6 2019-11-29 loext:custom-label-field chart custom label text
    40d83914 2020-04-08 loext:major-origin chart location of major ticks oasis#3936 - logarithmic scale misses information about basis
    603df08a 2020-05-04 loext:label-fill, loext:label-fill-color chart data label solid fill and color


    2020-05-06 loext:vertical-rel from-bottom relative orientation: loext:vertical-rel="page-content-bottom"

    The svg:y attribute, which is used in case of style:vertical-pos="from-top" is interpreted relative to the bottom edge of the page content area.

    oasis#4073 - Page-content-bottom vertical relation
    59523318 d8d31f74 2020-05-11 loext:softedge-radius soft edges
    e3348618 394f74e6 2020-08-20 loext:animatePhysics, loext:density, loext:bounciness, loext:velocity-x, loext:velocity-y animation effects, physics animation properties
    bf033461 2013-03-19 chart:interpolation additional values, erroneously no private namespace for Gnumeric compatibility oasis#3662 - chart:interpolation 1.3 schema change 20.27 chart:interpolation, part3
    d8720d4e 2012-01-11 LO ??? <drawooo:enhanced-path>, therein command G Add ARCANGLETO as commands to enhanced-path oasis#4026 - Add command arcangleto (G) to draw:enhanced-path resolved for ODF 1.4
    e2f4e65a 2020-08-31 LO 7.1 loext:custom-leader-lines Chart series style attribute for saving not default (switched off) state of data labels in custom positions
    bc904985 2020-10-29 LO 7.1 loext:vertical-rel new attribute The "page-content-top" value is supported similarly to the "page-content-bottom" accepted in oasis#4073 - Page-content-bottom vertical relation
    1c080b88 2020-07-30 LO 7.1 loext:outline-content-visible new attribute on paragraph
    2803b09e 2020-06-29 LO 7.1 loext:shadow-blur new attribute shadow blur effect on shapes
    11e91719 2021-02-03 LO 7.2 - loext:margin-gutter new attribute Adds an additional space for binding to a page layout. It has been introduced for compatibility with OOXML attribute w:gutter of the pgMar element. For further related commits see initial bug tdf#91920 and for further development meta bug tdf#140575. oasis#4105 - Additional gutter space for binding
    7a5d79f2 2008-12-01 OOo 3.1 style:repeat="scale" for ImageScaleMode::Isotropic on form controls ODF only has "stretch" for ImageScaleMode::Anisotropic in tyle-graphic-fill-properties-attlist oasis#4106 - 19.515 style:repeat, add value "scale" for isotropic scaling
    e2bdd31c 2021-05-04 LO 7.2 data-type="background-color" and data-type="text-color" for table:filter-condition This adds filtering by color to the table filter in Calc. oasis#4107 - 19.615.2 <table:filter-condition>: Extend table:data-type attributes to filter by color
    157b027c 2022-02-17 LO 7.4 loext:extrusion-metal-type as attribute to <draw:enhanced-geometry> The new attribute has the value draw:MetalODF or loext:MSCompatible. The new attribute exists in API as MetalType in service EnhancedCustomShapeExtrusion. In case an extruded custom shape has the surface 'Metal' the new attribute allows variations of rendering. oasis#4123 - new attribute draw:extrusion-metal-type
    c893c0e3 2022-02-24 LO 7.4 loext:extrusion-specularity-loext as attribute to <draw:enhanced-geometry> ODF 1.1 allows values larger 100% for draw:extrusion-specularity. ODF 1.2 and ODF 1.3 restrict the value range to [0%,100%]. The new attribute holds values larger than 100% and is only written for values larger than 100%. The regular attribute draw:extrusion-specularity is written in addition with restricted value. This is a solution for ODF 1.2 and ODF 1.3 extended. ODF 1.4 will (hopefully) allow values larger 100% again. See tdf#147580 oasis#4122 - Extend current data type of 19.168 draw:extrusion-specularity
    9c2c48f1 2022-06-20 LO 7.5 loext:fill-use-slide-background Used to specify a new shape fill type: "Use slide background" oasis#4130 - "use-slide-background" fill for shapes in legacy presentation formats
    c95288ae 2021-12-07 LO 7.4 loext:theme Used to specify a set of colors on an Impress master page
    1868dea8 2022-03-17 LO 7.4 loext:fill-theme-color Used to refer to one color in the master page's theme and use it as shape fill color (so it can be updated when the theme changes)
    0c13e476 2022-05-04 LO 7.4 loext:fill-color-lum-mod Used with loext:fill-theme-color, can specify a luminance modulation effect on the color from the theme
    0c13e476 2022-05-04 LO 7.4 loext:fill-color-lum-off Used with loext:fill-theme-color, can specify a luminance offset effect on the color from the theme
    91f649a1 2021-12-09 LO 7.4 loext:theme-color Used to refer to one color in the master page's theme and use it as shape text fill color (so it can be updated when the theme changes)
    7d1e4d12 2021-12-13 LO 7.4 loext:color-lum-mod Used with loext:theme-color, can specify a luminance modulation effect on the color from the theme
    7d1e4d12 2021-12-13 LO 7.4 loext:color-lum-off Used with loext:theme-color, can specify a luminance offset effect on the color from the theme
    31084ebb2721520c 2022-12-09, 2023-03-03 LO 7.5 loext:decorative indicate that a frame is considered decorative so that accessibility screen-readers may ignore it (later extended to graphic styles)
    LO 7.6 loext:target-url
    Used for Bibliography entry: URL in target-url should be used as hyperlink target when use-target-url is true.
    f2eac63d 2023-05-04 LO 7.6 loext:color-type
    Used for import and export of multi-color gradients, see project MCGR and tdf#76682
    c70ee4a6 2022-09-14 LO 7.5 loext:writing-mode="tb-rl90" Introduces the writing-mode value tb-rl90 corresponding to OOXML value vert. oasis#4030
    32c588dd 2022-10-20 LO 24.2 loext:style-ref Introduces the style-ref get reference field type corresponding to OOXML's STYLEREF field.
    2f512aaa 09f23a3d f0fda7ad 3b347664 2023-12-19 LO 24.2- urn:org:documentfoundation:names:experimental:office:manifest:argon2id loext:argon2-* Wholesome ODF Encryption oasis#4153
    commit? Added to master? Affects LO versions? loext:num-list-format See description in OASIS cross-reference? Standardized in ODF? Standardized as ...?
    commit? Added to master? Affects LO versions? Added elements or attribute? Functional Area? OASIS cross-reference? Standardized in ODF? Standardized as ...?