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Currently this page contains information collected for the training day during the Ankara hackfest and during the Munich Hackfest. These information are meant to be extended and kept them up to date. Feel free to use them for your own training sessions.

Please always add a short description about the information that you add and provide a file that can be extended (no PDF files).


Data for LibreOffice developers

These slides list all the different websites that collect information for LibreOffice developers and how to use them. It is meant as short introduction to provide an overview where to find necessary information.

File:Data for developer.pdf

Solving arbitrary engineering problems

These slides provide tips for developers how to tackle large problems. Good introduction for a training session with new developers.

Introduction into UI testing

Presented during the Munich Hackfest 2018.

File:UI Testing - An introduction.odp

Important websites


A nice website that provides a good reference around c++ including code examples.

C++ FAQ @ stackoverflow

Stackoverflow category with good explanations around many C++ topics. Aimed at all kinds of C++ developers.

Other information that should be shown


An introduction into gdb.

GDB Cheat Sheet

How to debug

diffing two flat odf files to find the odf part of a feature

Show how to export two flat odf files that are only changed in one feature and diff them to find the xml tag or attribute name.

Editor introductions

Based on preference of audience. Vim page already present in TDF wiki.

Maybe link to Kohei's old code overview drawings