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    Documentation of LibreOffice Template System

    The LibreOffice Template System is an extension for LibreOffice, which was developed by the City of Munich as part of the LiMux project. LibreOffice Template System offers numerous functions that make working with templates, forms and letterheads much easier.

    • Letterhead system: automatically fill letterhead templates, maintain city-wide corporate identity
    • Front office function: create letters for different employees and under different letterheads
    • Forms system: support for clerks in creating documents based on templates that require specific input; template selection, automatic calculation of values from input and insertion at appropriate points in the document
    • Text module system: support for clerks in creating documents from text modules
    • Content based directives and convenience printing functions: Automatic creation and printing of various copies (with the corresponding Content based directives) from a single form.
    • Simplified mail merge function: Among other things with preview function and the possibility to store mail merge fields with various functions (if-then-else, gender function)
    • WollMuxBar: Freely configurable toolbar for quick access to documents, templates, PDF documents, web pages, ...

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