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Free Software Winter Camp 2019
DatesFebruary 09 - February 12, 2019
LocationCampus of Ordu University,
Ordu, Turkey


Free Software Winter Camp 2019 Logo

The winter camp is held every year in February, just before the Academic Informatics Conference, with over 50 different classes, over 40 different topics, close to 1500 participants and more than 100 instructors in the capacity of the host university.

Participation in the camp is free. Participants are expected to cover only their travel, accommodation and food costs. Quota is limited in training.

This year, there will also be a new course, titled "LibreOffice Development Workshop".

LibreOffice Development Workshop

The workshop was conducted by Muhammet Kara as trainer, who is a certified LibreOffice developer, and working as part of the LibreOffice developers team of Collabora. And the trainer's time for the workshop was sponsored by Collabora, as part of their community development efforts.


# Participant's Name School / Dept / year Patches
1 Muhammet Kara (Trainer)
2 Salih Sarıyar Convert use of sal_uLong to better integer types 006734562be1fec6b8fa4ff291c51b6043265653
3 Muzaffer Kadir Yılmaz KTÜ / Computer Engineering / 2 Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+ 3e214676b95ac384ae938f7baf7a4edbd4f5a7f3
4 Meryem Ezber FSMVU / Computer Engineering / 3 Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+ 2dd7aba7564a222c2acbac22975a76a6ab33c41f / Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+ 2edaadce0dedbee5d4a8213ea06d04cfc3c6cf55
5 Yusuf Sönmez Gazi / Computer Engineering / 4 Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+ 3b5dd1d49e3b5d669d020f0b268625b106c1c661
6 Ömer Fatih Çelik Bilkent / Computer Engineering / 3 Replace chained O(U)StringBuffer::append() with operator+ 867384792244667a33cad79a7348b34b6008822b / Convert use of sal_uLong to sal_uInt32 bd32bf4deb7a2ae9d790a10b5c8af6ea33b7c127

Only the attendees who sent their license statements to the libreoffice developer list are included.


  • Development process and the tools
  • Communication channels
  • LibreOffice code-base & fundamental classes
  • LibreOffice UI files & Glade & How to connect with C++
  • Case study: Making UI changes on dialogs
  • Investigating & working on bug reports
  • Easyhacks
  • Structure of TDF & the LibreOffice community
  • What's next?

Other Stuff


After the Event

  • Participants were very happy about their progress during the workshop, and they have formed a Telegram group, and also joined the local Telegram groups about LibreOffice events and development, to continue engaging in the LibreOffice community also in the future.
  • Most of them continued working on completing their work-in-progress patches, and working on new patches after the event.
  • All participants except one also stayed for the conference after the workshop to run the LibreOffice community booth at the Academic Informatics Conference.
  • A few was interested in applying for the GSoC program to work on LibreOffice during the summer, and at least 2 have decided to apply next year (while preparing by sending more patches in the meantime).
  • To conclude, I can say that we have planted some good seeds for the future of our community & project.

And here are a few photos from the workshop:

AB19-LibreOffice-Workshop-by-Collabora-Photos-1.jpg AB19-LibreOffice-Workshop-by-Collabora-Photos-2.jpg AB19-LibreOffice-Workshop-by-Collabora-Photos-3.jpg