Events/2019/LibreOffice Annual Conference/Wednesday Sept 11: beach sports

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What can be better to do for team building and having fun at the beach after a great conference session? Yeah, some sports.

Do you want to organize a match or something? Please add yourself in the list. If you need some things (a ball or something) please ask to the local organization team. Apart from that just selforganize here and using any other communication channel.


Contact person: <nobody yet>


  • Jona Azizaj
  • Dennis Roczek
  • Xisco Fauli
  • Anxhelo Lushka
  • Sidorela Uku
  • Tamás Bunth
  • Thorsten Behrens
  • <other>
  • <foo>


Contact person: John Doe


  • Mengano
  • Fulano
  • Zutano

On the bench

  • Cor Nouws - interested, but not yet sure if I should play volleyball or.. :)