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Какое максимальное число ячеек, строк, столбцов и листов в электронных таблицах LibreOffice?

  • Максимальное число столбцов 1 024 (от столбца A до столбца AMJ);
  • максимальное число строк 1 048 576 (220);
  • максимальное число ячеек в одном листе 1 073 741 824 (230);
    • максимальное число символов в одной ячейке 32767;
  • максимальное число листов в одном документе электронной таблицы 10 000.
  • The maximum number of columns is 1,024 (from column A to column AMJ);
  • the maximum number of rows is 1,048,576 (220);
  • the maximum number of cells in one sheet is 1,073,741,824 (230 which is more than 1 billion cells);
    • the maximum number of characters in one cell is 32767 (needs updating - likely 231 is the programmatic limit; tested to accept 70 million characters, although worked exceptionally laggy);
      • the maximum number of characters in a function result is 228 (256Mi)[1];
      • the maximum number of a formula's tokens (internal data units after parsing the formula) is 4096/sizeof(pointer) (1024 in 32-bit program, 512 in 64-bit program)[2]. This does not map 1:1 to number of characters or functions in a formula, but still limits its complexity (would give error for too complex formulas);
  • the maximum number of individual sheets in a complete worksheet is 10000.