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How can I have a sound file play throughout a presentation?

To have a sound file play throughout the presentation:

  • Select the slide where you want it to start playing;
  • Slide ▸ Slide transition or in the Slide pane, click Slide Transition;
  • On the Sound dropdown list (under Modify transition), select Other Sound.... A dialog box will open.
  • Browse to the desired file and open it.

The sound will continue playing until another sound file is opened.

Note pin.svg

Because of this bug tdf#67544, the sound added in this way is not embedded in the document, even if the Link checkbox is unchecked when selecting the file.

The workaround is to copy the sound into the same folder as the slideshow before selecting it.

As the link created is relative, copying the slideshow and the sound file together will keep the functionality from another folder.

See also this question.