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How do I replace Commands window?

Several problems may occur with the placement of the Commands window.

Floating Window

Commands window is normally anchored at the bottom of the screen. It can be uncollapsed by click-and-drag on the grey border.

Floating Command window

To anchored it again:

  • Click in the Commands window
  • Hit Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F10

Minimized Window

Commands window may simply have been minimized:

Minimized Commands window

To temporally show it again:

  • Click once on the grey border: Commands window is opened till you click outside.

To definitively show it:

  • Click once on the Show handle in the middle of the border

Narrowed Window

The window may also have been narrowed to a little height:

Narrowed Commands window

To heighten it again:

  • Move the mouse over the double line separating the borders: the mouse pointer becomes a double vertical arrow
  • Click-and-drag to heighten the window