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    How do I add a logo at the top of all the pages of my document?

    You need to insert the logo into the header of the page. Follow these steps:

    • select the Insert ▸ Header and Footer ▸ Header ▸ Default Style (or the name of the page style used);
    • click inside the header area;
    • select the Insert ▸ Image; and
    • select the file that has the logo, then click Open.

    If the picture does not appear on all pages, there are two possible causes:

    • the page style in use might have wrong settings for the header. To check the settings:
      • select the Format ▸ Page Style ▸ Header [Tab];
      • verify that Same content left and right pages is checked. Otherwise the logo will be displayed only on alternate pages;
    • if the picture is displayed on several pages but then disappears, this is probably because a different page style has been applied to the following pages. Look at the bottom of the document, in the status bar to the right of the page number. The name that appears here is the name of the page style applied. If the name of the style is different, this means that the document uses several page styles. To change this:
      • put the cursor in the page having the wrong style;
      • open the Styles and Formatting sidebar by View ▸ Styles or press F11;
      • click the Page Styles icon (fourth from the left); and
      • double-click the name of the style you want to apply (the one where your logo is correctly displayed).