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    How to create labels with LibreOffice

    You can use the wizard:

    1. select File ▸ New ▸ Labels;
    2. under the Labels tab, enter the text of the labels;
    3. select the brand and the type (Avery, etc.) or manually adjst the size of the labels on the Format tab;
    4. on the Options tab, choose if you want to print:
      • a whole page of labels: select Entire page,
      • only one label : select Single label and indicate the position of the label on the page;
    5. check Synchronize contents if you wish the labels to be all the same;
    6. select the printer with the Setup button;
    7. click on New document to generate the labels page;
    8. if you have checked Synchronize contents, format the first label (by modifying the layout, inserting pictures, etc.) and click on the Synchronize contents to past the formatting to all the labels on the page.