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Hvordan får jeg romertal i indholdsfortegnelsen?

Du skal indstille den nummerering, du vil have (her romertal) i sidetypografien.

To change the numbering format of your Default Page Style, you have to set the numbering you want (here Roman numerals) in the page style. To do so:

Sådan gør du:

  1. rediger sidetypografien med Formater ▸ Side
  2. på fanebladet Side i området Layoutindstillinger indstiller du Format til den nummerering, du vil have.

The table of contents will subsequently use this type of numbering.


There are other ways to get to the same menu too. However, if your cursor is placed anywhere on the Table of Contents, the Page... option will not be available. Click on a regular page and try again.

Alternatively, you can

  • open the sidebar by pressing F11;
  • go to Styles and Formatting tab;
  • click on the Page Styles icon;
  • right-click on the Default Style;
  • select Modify...; and
  • set up the rest as explained above.

Indholdsfortegnelsen vil efterfølgende bruge denne type nummerering Opdater.