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Hi Claus, I really like your template. Here are some hints from my side:

1. Intro-B10: There is a "r" missing in "Insert"

2. The days won't be changed to German. I get a "Onsdag" etc. the months work fine. (LibO Maybe change the cell to "= x10" and the format to "Date" and "NNN".

3. Does the license fit the contest (CC4 to CC0)?

K-j (talk)

Hi K-j

Here's my reply:

Ad. 1. : Spelling mistake :-( I've changed in new version.

Ad. 2. : Seems to be a 'bug' in the Windows version of LibO. Worked fine under Ubuntu. Any how, I changed the way it works. Please try again. If days don't change, try change start of week to Sunday, and then back. Very odd on Windows - I tried on German system - and when I retyped the formula for days - with exactly same formula - it changed to German. I have tried English, Danish, German, French, Greek, Hebrew and Polish on Ubuntu - all works. Let me know if it works on different L10n of Windows.

Ad. 3 : Bummer from my side. Of course if it should be a template distributed with LibO it should be CC0. I have changed the license.

I hope the Calendar can help promote LibreOffice Calc.

Claus Kofoed (talk) 2015-01-18T17:58:06 (UTC)