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Folding@home (FAH or F@h) is a distributed computing⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg project for performing molecular dynamics⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg simulations of protein dynamics. Its initial focus was on protein folding⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg but has shifted to more biomedical problems, such as Alzheimer's disease⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg, cancer⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg, coronavirus disease 2019⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg (COVID-19), and Ebola virus disease⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg. The project uses the idle CPU time of personal computers owned by volunteers who have installed the software on their systems. [...]

The project has pioneered the utilization of central processing units⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg (CPUs), graphics processing units⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg (GPUs), PlayStation 3s⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg, Message Passing Interface⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg (used for computing on multi-core processors⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg), and some Sony Xperia⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg smartphones for distributed computing and scientific research. [...] Volunteers can track their contributions on the Folding@home website, which makes volunteers' participation competitive and encourages long-term involvement. [...]

Folding@home is one of the world's fastest computing systems. With heightened interest in the project as a result of the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg, the system achieved a speed of approximately 1.22 exaFLOPS⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg by late March 2020 and reaching 2.43 x86 exaFLOPS by April 12, 2020, making it the world's first exaFLOP computing system⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg.

Source: Wikipedia⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg

LibreOffice Folding Team

The LibreOffice F@h team was started by a community member.

LibreOffice team details
Team Name LibreOffice
Team ID 260680
Stats at Folding@home Stats - F@h
Stats at EXTREME Overclocking Stats - EOC
LibreOffice team historical rankings
Date Grand Score Team Ranking
2020-04-16 1,000,000 Top 15,000 teams
2020-05-07 10,000,000 Top 7,100 teams
2020-08-28 50,000,000 Top 4,500 teams

How to join

  1. Visit the Folding@home website and go to the "Start folding" page
  2. Download the client for your operating system and install it
  3. At the first run you have to enter the following:
    • Name: your preferred username
    • Team Number: 260680
    • Passkey: Open the linked webpage, enter your email and username. Check your email and copy the passkey that you have been assigned from the project. Each passkey is personal and should not be shared with others.


Can I fold with a CPU or a GPU?

Both, but modern GPUs are more powerful and significantly faster at solving complex repetitive problems, such as those we encounter in F@h. Hence, they are usually awarded more points than CPUs.

Which GPUs are best for folding?

There are several user lists that compare the daily generated points and efficiency of various GPUs, like this one

Is a passkey needed?

Yes, in order to get all the available points (Base Credit + Quick Return Bonus). If you don't add a passkey you get only the base credit for every Work Unit, which is a small fraction of the total credit.

I added a passkey and started folding but still don't get all the points

After adding a passkey you only get the Base Credit for the first 10 work units you complete. After the 11th WU you are verified and get the full amount of points.

See also

LibreOffice BOINC Team, another distributed computing project