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    The following presentations are maintained by the marketing team, and are available to project members as a basis for their presentations (slide decks can be shortened, shuffled, cut or combined with other slide decks according to specific needs of the audience). Please do keep in mind that the marketing team is here to help volunteers to get the most out of their local marketing efforts, so please do not be shy about asking for guidance and help before your speaking engagements. Slide decks are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

    The Document Foundation

    History of The Document Foundation, LibreOffice and the Document Liberation projects (September 30, 2016) File:Final-history.odp


    Introduction to LibreOffice, with a background on development, interoperability, quality, security and ODF (September 30, 2016) File:Final-libreofficeintro.odp

    Introduction to LibreOffice 5.2, with slides about new features introduced by the last major release (September 30, 2016) File:Final-libreoffice52.odp

    Open Document Format (ODF)

    Introduction to the Open Document Format, with some basic comparison with the OOXML document format from Microsoft (September 30, 2016) File:Final-odf.odp

    Introduction to the economics and the innovation of open standards (vs proprietary standards) (September 30, 2016) File:Final-openstandards.odp

    Migration Protocol

    Introduction to TDF Migration Protocol, with slides provoding informations on the different phases of the process (September 30, 2016) File:Final-migrationprotocol.odp

    LibreOffice Certification

    Introduction to LibreOffice Certification, with some background on the importance of IT certification (September 30, 2016) File:Final-whycertification.odp


    A selection of useful slides from the "Future of Open Source Survey", providing some independent numbers about FOSS (September 30, 2016) File:Final-futureofopensource.odp