LibreOffice Technology Budapest 2024 Hackfest

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    LibreOffice Technology Budapest 2024 Hackfest
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    DatesJune 4th-5th, 2024
    LocationEco Community Space, 1064 Budapest Izabella u. 68/b

    The LibreOffice Technology Hackfest will take place in the City of Budapest in HungaryWikipedia logo v3.svg on June 4th and 5th, 2024].


    The venue is at Eco Community Space, 1064 Budapest Izabella u. 68/b.


    Add yourself here if you plan to attend the Hackfest.

    1. Andras Timar
    2. Aron Budea
    3. Attila Szucs
    4. Gabor Kelemen
    5. Michael Meeks
    6. Miklos Vajna
    7. Timur Gadzo
    8. Balázs Varga
    9. László Németh
    10. Tibor Nagy
    11. Thorsten Behrens



    The venue will be open to us from 9:00AM until 6:00PM.

    Bug List

    If you're attending the hackfest, add your name next to what you might like to work on and feel free to add bugs.

    Bug Developer(s)
    tdf#157533 – Fix lost cursor or lost cursor position deselecting a math formula and other objects in text tables László Németh
    tdf#161340 – Print dialog: hiding drawing shapes no longer works Gabor Kelemen
    tdf#161417 – Endnotes at section end: DOC & RTF support Miklos Vajna
    tdf#159712 – Sparklines don't take the space of the whole merged cell Tibor Nagy
    tdf#161426 – Clicking on cell content selected the image of a different cell in multi-column tables László Németh


    Several people stay at ibis Budapest Heroes Square.