LibreOffice Taipei Hackfest June 2019

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LibreOffice Taipei Hackfest June 2019
DatesJune 29th, 2019
LocationTaipei, Taiwan


  • 2019-06-29


Keepworking Coworking Space Rm. 704, 7F., No. 102, Guangfu S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 「趣工作」空間704室(台北市光復南路102號7樓)


  • People meets up.
  • Anything you want to hack about LibreOffice.

Bug list

If you're attending the hackfest, add your name next to what you might like to work on and feel free to add bugs.

Bug Developer(s)
tdf#83066 Describe the task Your name here



Add yourself here if you plan to attend the Hackfest.

  1. Mark Hung
  2. Franklin
  3. Charles James (and his friends)


Put achievements here.

After Action Reports


It is recommended to set up development environment and build LibreOffice before you come. LibreOffice will clone translation repository and download external packages when building from source code. You might end up downloading and compiling so it is good to be prepared. Please refer to "How to Build" under development wiki page.

建議來之前請先設定開發環境並編譯LibreOffice。LibreOffice在編譯時會下載很多東西,可能會導致 活動時間全部花在下載和編譯。請參考如何編譯LibreOffice說明網頁

Useful Links

If you're new to LibreOffice development, you may find the link below userful.Slide material from Hackfest/Peruga2017

  1. Code Structure slides
  2. Core Classes slides
  3. Solving Arbitrary Problems slides