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I'm kadekilo and I want to translate this menu to spanish, but this page it's protected (it's logic). How I make this? --Kadekilo (talk) 2011-04-13T19:50:31‎ (CEST)

Eight years later I become aware of this petition. The sidebar menu is now in Spanish! —Fito (talk) 2019-03-04T18:42:00 (UTC)

Missing link

In the Sidebar Toolbox, I miss the link to Recent Changes. In my opinion, this is a very important tool for any wiki. Could this be added? Thank you. --Gerald 2011-05-12T13:59:39 (CEST)

The link has been there for quite a while. —Fito (talk) 2019-03-04T18:42:00 (UTC)