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    Hi everybody, I want to suggest a new persona - whether primary or secondary is secondary.

    Stephan (Stylist/style guy = someone using styles ;-)

    (To describe this person, I take some ideas from Stephan can be:

    • Office worker heavy-using LibreOffice all the day. He's working with templates and styles according to the corporate identity and he's not allowed or forced to use own formatting. He's not a beginner but also not an expert. He knows what he's doing with the program but he's just a user.
    • Student/collegian/undergraduate who wants to write long texts/studies/papers. To keep future changes easy to manage he's using soft formatting instead of hard formatting. His time is limited. Apart from that he knows little about other features.
    • Technical writer who's working on user manuals and documentations up to hundreds of pages in a file. He has to manage many documents and is using templates and styles to fulfill the customer's needs. He's also working with authoring and translation memory tools or is collaborating with people who are using these programs.
    • Author writing books but he doesn't want use tools like LaTeX. He is working structured but has little knowledge about complex or advanced features in LibreOffice.

    --Lendo (talk) 2017-03-29T23:40:10 (UTC)