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Add Known Issues

Maybe I just don't see it, but at least for the "Features Release" there should be a known issues box. Some of the issues with current 3.4.1 are pretty grave and we can probably expect this to stay this way for these releases. Another thing from my side: make the button for "Features Releases" a different colour, otherwise people will wonder what's different between the two pages (maybe a lighter green? should probably not be yellow). Otherwise, this is even better than Nik's already great proposal. Thank you, Christoph! --Astron 2011-07-02T20:35:23 (CEST)

Open design Issues

I suggest that "How many different LibreOffice versions..." is answered by the problem listed up the page: "too complex for normal users".

  • Most potential users run windows.
  • Make a big green button for windows users for the stable version. De-emphasise the special case versions.
  • Make all the button clickable (I couldn't find the clickable text in the button for minutes, I think that's a UI fail).
  • Make it one click, one file.

I strongly suggest the developers get their Aunt Tilly to try to download and install the software, and watch without prompting (usability test for installation). Thanks devs, keep up the great work, remember the basics :) Waynemcl (talk) 21:57, 8 December 2012 (UTC)