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new fonts

Is there a way to suggest new fonts? The 4.0 release is allready more than one year ago, so maybe this page should be cleaned/archived. I would like to suggest to include this font: open dyslexic, looks like a nice and usefull addition to me. By the way, maybe we should create a list on this wiki with all the fonts that are allready shipped with LibreOffice? -- Kerwyn (talk) 2014-08-31T18:15:12 (UTC)

Another wish: Better font navigation

Most of the fonts I don't use. But I find it convenient to swap between a handful of them without scrolling through hundreds. Perhaps there could be a way of creating short lists of fonts commonly deployed by the individual user. Measure for Measure (talk) 2015-04-12T20:16:32 (UTC)

I guess you'll have more succes by reporting this as an improvement in the LibreOffice bugzilla. --Kerwyn (talk) 2015-04-16T19:36:25 (UTC)