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This is parked information below (features that are now supported by both office suites, LibreOffice and Microsoft Office)

General office suite: LibreOffice vs. Microsoft Office

Major Feature Differences LibreOffice 6.0 MS Office 2016
Available as native 64-bit application on OS Linux, Mac OS X, Windows (> XP). Windows, Mac OS X
Import of audio and video formats RMI Midi, SND (SounND) Supported Supported
Import of Windows Media video and audio formats as well as AAC-Audio (Advanced Audio Coding) Supported Supported
Tabbed user interface Not supported Not supported; available as (paid) third-party extension

Word processors: LibreOffice Writer vs. Microsoft Word

Major Feature Differences LO Writer 6.0 MS Word 2016
Navigator / Navigation pane / Browse by Supported Supported
Rotate images Supported. Supported
Different header and footer on the first page Supported Supported
Comments for text ranges Supported Supported
Export to MS Works format Not supported Not supported (dropped in MSO 2013)
Border around characters Yes. Feature implemented in version 4.2, GSOC 2013 project. Supported
Print comments in right margin Supported (tdf#36815), only on next page or at the end of text. Available since version 4.3. Supported
Support for paragraphs longer than 65534 characters Supported supported since version 4.3 (tdf#30668) Supported
Password protection of tracked changes Supported Supported
Increase/decrease size in a selections of mixed-sized text Supported. Supported

Spreadsheet applications: LibreOffice Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Major Feature Differences LO Calc 6.0 MS Excel 2016
Pivot table Supported Supported
Interactive diagrams / PivotChart Supported PivotCharts. Support was introduced in LibreOffice 5.4[1]. Supported
Polynomial trend lines Yes & extension: CorelPolyGUI. Support was introduced in LibreOffice 4.2 (tdf#40317). Supported

Presentation software: LibreOffice Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

Major Feature Differences LO Impress 5.4 MS PowerPoint 2016
Presenter view / Presentation display Supported Supported

Database programme: LibreOffice Base vs. Microsoft Access

Major Feature Differences LO Base 6.0 MS Access 2016
Search tables Supported Supported