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What is the location history of the conference?

As LO is just one year old, we have to refer to the history at 2004 Berlin (Germany), 2005 Koper (Slovenia), 2006 Lyon (France), 2007 Barcelona (Spain), 2008 Beijing (China), 2009 Orvieto (Italy), 2010 Budapest (Hungary) Volkerme 2011-10-19T20:01:20 (CEST)

Wiki page for proposals

Hello, could you please point us the appropriate wiki page for adding location proposals? Is it this one, Marketing/CallforLocation? Should we add another heading? Thanks! --Tct 2011-10-20T16:46:40 (CEST)

You are very early. You can send your proposal to the mailinglist (be sure to subscribe in advance and copy to Volkerme 2011-10-20T20:19:40 (CEST)
We support LibreOffice and The Document Foundation and we are very motivated to organize its first major community event in Bucharest, Romania. We will send the proposal on the mailing list. --Tct 2011-10-21T10:33:58 (CEST)