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FreeDesktop Bugzilla

I believe we will need a manual for FreeDesktop Bugzilla. I'm afraid crowds of users will mess up all orientation because of missing LibO categories and subcategories. Are there any plans to create subcats or to create a list of keywords to be used in summary to improve structure within reports? -- RBd 2010-11-01T17:58:03 (CET)

New Mission Statement - a first proposal

QA plays a fundamental role in enhancing a software's quality. Our goals for LibreOffice are

1) to get the best possible quality for the software

  • by testing new features ASAP in the lifecycle
  • by enforced automatizing of regression tests
  • by aggressive triaging and prioritizing new + old bug reports

2) to find best practices for building trust and reliability for our main user groups (who are them? Single + corporate users?)

  • by clearly defining QA processes in a comprehensible way (and, of course, following them painstakingly)
  • thus maximizing transparency and obviousness of software quality for every single build

3) to install and host a growing and healthy community participation

  • (how to foster this?)