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    Thanks :-) Much delighted with this 0.0.1 !

    Three minor points:


    " Certification helps in dealing with one of the intrinsic weaknesses of free software, i.e. the perception that it is better suited for " I suggest to leave out ' intrinsic ' or replace it with ' current ' . After all, it is a perception!


    The diagram. I know I'll ask an action from you, Italo, that requires some high technical skills ;-) : but can you turn off spell cheking, before making the image ;-)


    " Recruiting partners is the first step, and quickly engaging, enabling and supporting them is the critical next step, in order to avoid that the partners become just another name on a list ... " I suggest to leave out ' another ' and write ' a ' .

    Then three items more on the content:


    Under the header "LibreOffice Certification" the proposal gives allowance for the early contributors of TDF for some distictive certification badge. I remember that in early discussions we spoke about te position of early/founding members, but that was IIRC in relation to a considered obligatory certification in order to deliver any service around LibreOffice, which IMO is hard to maintain. So with the current proposal a distinctive badge will be much appreciated, but also for them (voluntary) certification is certification.


    Under the header "Program Description" it reads that " Organizations will earn a certified status if they employ or contract at least 3 certified individuals, each one with a different specialization. " While I agree that it is sound that individuals are certified, how about an organisation with one or two individuals, that have certifications for more specializations? Maybe the text could be " if they employ or contract at least 3 certified individuals, or if all employed individuals "


    IMO for the current phase, the proposal mentions in a reasonable details the steps needed to get the thing really work: " Program Deployment" . Of course this is crucial, and I think part of resources of the TDF will be needed as investment.

    All in all: great start, thanks!