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    • In Options>LibreOffice>General, I have an additional option //Show ODMA DMS dialogs first// under LibO 3.4-Win. This setting is not in online help. --MatM 2011-09-19T00:15:37 (CEST)
      • This is a Windows-only way to save using a Document Management System, added to the AOP list now. Could you please check if it's mentioned in the Windows help files?
      • This does not appear in the help : neither in the online help or in the Win_x86_helppack_fr --Pierre-yves samyn 2011-10-24T09:12:57 (CEST)
    • WYSIWYG editor looks fine... but it "breaks" the presentation (the "bullets"in particular). This makes updating laborious. Does anyone has an idea? --Pierre-yves samyn 2011-12-22T10:02:12 (CET)