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Most newcomers have interest in some area of the software LibreOffice and documentation is one of the easiest to enter. It is also very important for you to understand your needs and desires when participating in a community of volunteers. Our experience in Open Source software and communities indicates that every volunteer has a personal interest sometimes even selfish interest in helping the documentation of LibreOffice. There is no shame in that. Let’s see some of the valid personal interests you may recognize your own:

  • you want to develop skills in technical writing of software manuals, perhaps improving your current skills;
  • you want a new line in your professional resumé and documentation is a good way to get it;
  • you want to learn more in depth on a particular feature of LibreOffice and reviewing or authoring a chapter or section on the feature is a good way to fully master it;
  • you have time to spend and turn yourself busy in something you like to do;
  • you want to exercise your skills in the English language helping the team produce high quality documentation;
  • you conduct LibreOffice training and you use these guides. You want the documentation to be updated and improved;
  • you conduct a consulting job on LibreOffice and you found a new technique in the software you want to write about;
  • you are yourself writing about LibreOffice and want our guides to have a richer content too;
  • you think it is a way for you to feel important, connected and active, get in touch with people all over the world, around an important subject; or
  • you think LibreOffice is a fantastic project and you want to join anyway, period.