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  • The file icons are colored.
  • Some extensions are installed by default:
    • Pdfimport: import in Draw of a PDF file
    • Presentation Minimizer: compress an Impress presentations
    • Report Builder: ease the creation of reports for Base
    • Solver: add methods of resolution for the Calc solver
    • Wiki Publisher: Export filter to the wiki format for Writer.
  • In Writer, the Navigator displays the heading levels independently.
  • In Calc:
    • Next to the sheet tabs, the "+" icon allows you to easily add sheets,
    • Dotted cell borders can be defined
    • By default, the "Delete" key and "Backspace" are reversed.
  • In all modules, an icon (!) In the status bar indicates that the file is not saved. A double click on it starts the backup.
  • Ability to save a document, even if it has not been changed.
  • Under Linux, the installation of Java Media Framework (JMF) is no longer needed to play sounds and video