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  1. Assign a page style to the first page:
    • place the cursor on the first page;
    • apply the style you want for this page:
      • display the style and formatting window using the View ▸ Styles menu (or press F11), and choose the Styles tab on the vertical menu;
      • on the horizontal menu above the Styles list, click the 4th button Page styles;
      • double-click the style you want, for example First page or;
      • right-click the style name and select Modify to adapt the page style you want.
  2. Assign another page style to the second page. Two ways are possible:
    1. using a manual break:
      • put the cursor at the end of the first page;
      • select Insert ▸ Manual break;
      • select Page break; choose the style you want to use for the second page from the dropdown menu (for example Default Style);
      • check the box ☑ Change page number;
      • in the field bellow, enter the number for the second page (1 for our example);
      • click OK;
    2. Modify the first paragraph format:
      • place the cursor in the first paragraph of the page where you want to start the numbering;
      • right-click and select Paragraph..., Text flow [tab];
      • check ☑ Break and ☑ With page style;
      • choose the style and the page number you want to apply.