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Title Preview Description Date
Banner for various booths
TDF FreeSoftwareForAll Banner 2014-10-23.png
General TDF banner, Free Software For All - also available in Dutch version
ask for odg source file
4th year libreoffice anniversary SVG graphics source file Mashup of the original 2010 community anniversary 2014-09-28
Flyer Hamburg Hackfest June 2013 File:HackfestHamburg2013Flyer.odg Targeted at students, nice explanation of LibreOffice and a hackfest (in German) 2013-06-15
Free Fun Fantastic banner - size 250 cm wide 80 cm high
Banner FreeFunFantastic HackingInTheFrontLine.png
2013 Fosdem, but may be used at any time :)

source file is here: File:Banner FreeFunFantastic HackingInTheFrontLine.odg