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You'll notice there are a few more projects available on Weblate. Here's a short overview of them:

  • Impress Remote: here you can localize the Impress Remote mobile applications.
  • Online: here are the LibreOffice Online web and mobile applications.
  • Website: this small project contains localization files that relate to websites. In particular, the mysite file contains our custom strings that appear in websites (mostly related to the download page experience), the faqs file contains localization of the FAQs module that might (or might not) be used on local websites, extensionssite contains localization for, and googleplay contains the strings we use in Google Play store. You don't have to translate all of these files, especially if you know you won't need some of them. Note that many generic things related to the CMS of are being localized elsewhere. Also, please note that by completing this module, you don't get a "translated website". However, if you want to host a LibreOffice website in your language, you'll most likely want to translate at least the mysite file.