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  • If you have an escaping character in your search, like an apostrophe (e.g. child's book in English or l'objet in French), the simplest way to overcome that is to enclose the word to search with double quotes instead of single ones, like in this example:
sophie@sophie:~/libo_ui-fr$ grep -r -n "l'objet" sw/
sw/source/ui/utlui.po:4106:msgstr "Cliquer sur l'objet"
sw/source/ui/utlui.po:4133:msgstr "Souris sur l'objet"
sw/source/ui/utlui.po:4151:msgstr "Souris quitte l'objet"
sw/source/ui/utlui.po:4626:#~ msgstr "Renommer l'objet : "
sw/source/core/undo.po:641:msgstr "Supprimer l'objet"