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Hi Nemo bis, thanks for working on Feature Comparison: LibreOffice - Microsoft Office. I had a look at your additions and I make some smaller changes. PDF/A is actually supported by MS Office, so I remove it. I thought about your change of "Support of recent Microsoft formats on Windows" and I move the note to OOXML support. The comparison list is currently comparing LO 5.1 and Microsoft Office 2016 and this one supports several 'dialects' of OOXML. In the OOXML part, it suits well to add the note that any Windows OS not supported by Office 2016 has very limited OOXML or even no OOXML support. Please have a look at may changes, whether your are fine with them User:GerryT Addition: I started already to integrate the info to the OOXML part on the comparison list and then I realized that LO 5.1 requires Windows XP SP3, so we could not add a negative statement about Office 2016 not supporting XP SP1, because LO also doesn't. Furthermore, I have seen that Office 2010 only requires Windows XP SP3 (and supports OOXML transitional and strict) and Office 2007 requires only Windows XP SP2 (supporting at least the import of OOXML strict). User:GerryT