Videos/24.2 New Features Script

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    This page contains the script for the LibreOffice 24.2 New Features video.

    English Original (en-GB)

    1. Some new features in LibreOffice 24.2
    2. New "year.month" version scheme, so LibreOffice 24.2 is from February 2024
    3. Comments can now use styles
    4. Calc: highlighting for the active row and column
    5. New search field in the options dialog box
    6. Navigator: hidden sections are now greyed-out
    7. Better support for multi-page floating tables
    8. Calc: search field in the Functions sidebar deck
    9. Impress: small caps support
    10. Tooltip help for expert configuration options
    11. Math: formula font can now be changed
    12. Special characters dropdown now shows descriptions
    13. Password strength indication when saving encrypted files
    14. Plus compatibility improvements, performance boosts and more
    15. These features by:
    16. Download LibreOffice 24.2