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100 Paper Cuts is a list of bugs and enhancement requests relating to LibreOffice's user experience.

On this page, unsolved paper cuts will be listed.

Components of a paper cut

Paper cuts have four components:

  • T-Shirt Size - a rough estimation of how long a paper cut will take to complete. T-shirt start from: XS < 1 hour, S < 1 day, M < few days and XL < 1 week
  • Module - the component this bug refers to
  • Excitement - how excited is the community regarding the resolution of the paper-cut. Ranges from -2, users will dislike it to 2, users will love it
  • Needed - how much it affects user productivity. Ranges from -2, strongly hinders the user doing his work to 2, user greatly benefits from this enhancement

List of Paper Cuts

Suggested Topic Module Title T-Shirt Size Needed Excitement
Heiko tdf#91874 LibreOffice HUD like search function; input field where the user can enter a few chars like „bo“ and select the command .uno:Bold from the dropdown list XL 0 2
Heiko tdf#44267, tdf#72662 LibreOffice Variable precision and units; e.g. switch between cm and pixels at the sidebar‘s width input field; https://pad.documentfoundation.org/p/UX-GSoC_Ideas line 300 XL 1 1
Heiko tdf#115527 LibreOffice UI of keyboard customization similar to the other tabs L 0 0
Michel tdf#57581 Impress Animations sets for a text box with several paragraphs don't affect new paragraphs (not inherited) L 1 0
Michel tdf#89060 Impress Text spacing changes when click in textbox 1 0
Michel Python dependency checker 0 0
Pedro tdf#53300 Chart Impossible to choose non-contiguous range when, editing data range with use of the Expand button XL 1 0
Lendo tdf#64345 Calc Calc: Selection disappears when switching sheet M 1 0
Lendo tdf#98544 LibreOffice Find & Replace dialog should remember the 'other options' state XS 0 -1
Lendo tdf#105622 Calc Highlight more than 64 cells with color in Calc M 0 0
Lendo tdf#106038 Writer Writer: Selected range of text disappears when going to Print Preview and back 1 0
Lendo tdf#39068 Calc Printing only first area with color formatted cells 1 0
Lendo tdf#106021 Writer Writer does not accept CSS box model for paragraphs (e.g. shown as no background gap between two headings) 0 0
Lendo tdf#114773 Writer Remove additional space after chapter number in ToC M 1 0
Lendo tdf#99573 Writer Clear direct formatting ignores area fill attributes S 1 0
Lendo tdf#114927 LibreOffice All German word versions of "Januar" should be recognized in all German localizations 1 0
Lendo tdf#88296 LibreOffice Show Caps Lock status in LibreOffice UI L 1 0
Lendo tdf#35176 Writer Can't paste image from MS Office and other Windows Apps XL 1 0
Lendo tdf#87420 Calc In-cell editing field is always top-aligned XXL 1 0
Lendo tdf#105933 Writer Means to modify existing table styles in a dialog XL 1 1
Lendo tdf#39936 Calc Right Click on Row/Column -> Insert Copied Cells... (paste + shift cells in one click) L 0 -1
Lendo tdf#62561 Calc Add "Remove hyperlink" to (context) menu in Calc L 0 -1
Lendo tdf#51059 Localization Allow Thin Space as alternative thousands separator for all languages S 1 2
Lendo tdf#84099 Calc Calc can't handle very high rows XL 1 1
Lendo tdf#107381 Calc Default cell style colors shouldn‘t be included as document colors S 0 0
Lendo tdf#62950 Writer Add option to set default of pasting to 'paste text without formatting' S 0 -1
Lendo tdf#107479 Writer Style "Text Body" can't be hidden 1 0
Lendo tdf#64028 Calc Option to retain cell formating in Calc when <Ctrl> X is used to cut contents of a cell 0 -1
Lendo tdf#51665 Writer Support diagonal borders in TABLEs S 1 1
Lendo tdf#45893 Printing and PDF export Add feature to directly print charts 1 0
Lendo tdf#34444 Writer Ability to change image params using FormatPaintbrush L 1 -2
Lendo tdf#49177 Calc Add color gradient for FORMATTING cell background L -1 1
Lendo tdf#107702 Writer Metadata lost when compressing images L 0 0
Lendo tdf#106782 Writer Addition of character style creation and modification U NO commands 1 0
Lendo tdf#106839 Writer Addition of list style creation and modification UNO commands 1 0
Lendo tdf#91519 Writer Jump of document canvas view to the top of the comment disrupts editing of long comments XXL 1 2
Lendo tdf#81018 Writer Writer document comments should allow multiple reference points in the main text XXL 1 2
Telesto tdf#52598, tdf#115287 Writer Writer ignores original picture pixel density in .jpg files, and uses 120 dpi 1 0
Telesto tdf#105352 Writer Pasting multiple paragraphs without direct formatting into an empty formatted one, will result in the formatting of the last paragraph 1 0
Telesto tdf#100627 Writer Create a table, and the cursor disappears 1 0
Telesto tdf#107665, see also tdf#100537 Writer The table alignment of an embedded table can switch from automatic to left when changing the column width resulting in a absolute table width 1 0
Telesto tdf#112800 Writer Toolbar and sidebar controls not able to detect character and paragraph level properties for selected text over 1,000 paragraphs 1 0
Telesto tdf#115622 Calc NAVIGATION: Calc fails to page-down accurately, neglects to display certain rows 1 0
Telesto tdf#105500 Draw Small but noticeable lag when selecting shapes with sidebar enabled M 1 1
Telesto tdf#104995 Writer Cropping flipped images occurs at the wrong side L 1 0
Telesto tdf#112671 Writer Table border thickness seems to change for some borders depending on zoom-level 1 1
Telesto tdf#108909 LibreOffice UI: Menu bar items should be highlighted on mouse over (default Windows behavior) M 2 1
Telesto tdf#50530 Draw Changing font size makes the cursor to disappear S 0 1
Telesto tdf#41007 UI Insert image dialog should allow to select multiple images XL 1 1
Telesto tdf#91873, tdf#94223 Impress Textbox border doesnt appear on bullet point textboxes M 1 0
Telesto tdf#58511 Writer EDITING: Cut fontwork object does not work M 1 0
Telesto tdf#105579 Calc After certain actions comments in Calc point to the wrong cell L 2 1
Telesto tdf#38199 Writer Why when I press tab in read-only mode, then the document scrolls to top M 1 1
Telesto tdf#108318 Writer copying an Hyperlink in a Textbox 1 0
Telesto tdf#95411 Writer pasting unformatted text in comment using keyboard shortcut not working 1 0
Telesto tdf#71989 Impress CUT can't be restored with Undo in select-all text M 2 0
Telesto tdf#62688 Impress Shortcuts like ctrl+a , ctrl+b don't work for comment edit box in impress S 1 1
Telesto tdf#107305 Writer Blue page break line disappears after updating TOC (and reappears after scrolling) M 1 0
Telesto tdf#112837 Writer Implement .uno:GrafAttrCrop in Writer for "Impress 8" OLE objects XS 1 0
Telesto tdf#109388 LibreOffice UI: No mouseover effect for the different palettes in the Area tab S 1 1
Telesto tdf#106719 Writer No visible selection of the embedded table when selecting cell content XL 1 1
Telesto tdf#50743 Writer FORMATTING: Highlighting scrolls automatically 1 0
Telesto tdf#50713 Writer Undo did not revert font change from pasting text S 1 0
Telesto tdf#45617 Impress Make Impress Master Slides copyable M 2 1
Telesto tdf#34697 Calc Print Current Page in Print dialog - Calc [Writer, Draw, Impress are finished] 1 1
Telesto tdf#34438 Writer [FORMATTING] group selection does not work with raster images 2 1
Telesto tdf#57391 Impress Clicking into slide title changes font and cursor position 0 0
Telesto tdf#59121 Writer Redo/Undo looses bookmark 1 0
Telesto tdf#85592 Writer Font and highlight colour toolbar buttons dont work in comments M 1 1
Telesto tdf#113479 Writer TRACK CHANGES: Unneeded popup S 1 1
Telesto tdf#31231 Calc Documents with charts open with the document set as already modified S 1 1
Telesto tdf#107825 Writer Handling of empty textboxes XL 0 0
Telesto tdf#107687 Writer Accessing the textbox of a selected shape is a bit counter-intuitive and inconsistent L 0 0
Telesto tdf#107593 Writer EDITING No text cursor (caret) after deleting the header (or re-adding the header) S 0 0
Telesto tdf#114108 Calc Shift+up arrow then home doesn't select rectangle; only the starting line 0 -1
Telesto tdf#113362 UI Popup menu stays active when another LibreOffice window becomes active 2 0
Telesto tdf#113133 Impress Cannot revert to selection cursor in Impress S 0 0
Telesto tdf#108012 Calc Clicking in the font field should select the contents XS
Telesto tdf#111856 (similar to tdf#31231) Playing video in Impress is considered a modification S 1 1
Telesto tdf#41189 Writer Editing to change capitalized text does not work as expected 1 1
Telesto tdf#73287 Calc FORMATTING: Screen refresh bug with comment boxes M 1 1
Telesto tdf#36958 Writer Undo does not reset text format after inserting formatted text at end of paragraph (see also 50713) M 1 1
Telesto tdf#37685 LibreOffice Bold/italic/underline mode become enabled when starting new line and previous ends with bold/italic/underline in Impress M 1 0
Telesto tdf#115025 Writer Selection misses first number of numbered list 1 1
Telesto tdf#37592 LibreOffice lists from Writer not inserts as lists in Draw and Impress 1 1
Samuel tdf#115902 Impress Enable custom animation pane controls again, to pick different effect S 0 0
Telesto tdf#45498 Impress PDF-export should support handouts S 1 1
Telesto tdf#46561 Writer Undo history cut off when inserting page header or footer 1 1
Slacka tdf#82504 Writer Background color button should fill cell background and not paragraph color when in a cell 1 1
Telesto tdf#107495 LibreOffice An explicitly enabled contextual toolbar is always closing after exiting its contextual state M 0 0