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    This NetBeans project contains a sample LibreOffice extension. The extension demonstrates how to add a custom options page within the existing options pages of Writer.

    The extension uses a custom registry schema to store configuration values. Additionally the extension shows how to add a custom help for an extension.


    You will find the source code of this extension in the LibreOffice Subversion repository:

     svn export http://svn.services.openoffice.org/ooo/contrib/sdk/examples/java/OptionsPageDemo
    • dialogs: contains the xdl dialog file for the option page. Can be edited using LibreOffices built-in dialog editor (see macros).
    • registry: contains the customized registry files for storing the configuration values of this extension.
    • src: the Java sourcecode of the extension.
    • help: the xhp help files that are integrated into AOo's help system.


    Open the project via NetBeans (you need the LibreOffice plugin version 2.x or higher), right-click on the project and press "Deploy and run extension in LibreOffice". If you do not trust this extension, better press "Debug extension..." as this omitts you local user settings.

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    This work is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0