Decision Making Workflow

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  1. A project is presented in the Redmine forums. Feedback and possible solutions are collected on the relevant Bugzilla page or, if there is no relevant Bugzilla report, on the Redmine forum thread.
  2. If the project is small (determined by the team coordinator), there is only one proposed solution, and there are no comments that disagree with it at least a week after it has been proposed, the prosposed solution is chosen as the solution.
  3. The topic is discussed at the following IRC chat. Proposals that don't adhere to our guidelines, principles, or are infeasible are discarded.
  4. If all attendees as well as all the design team experts (contacted separately if not present) unanimously agree on a certain proposal, it is chosen as the solution.
  5. If they don't, the user testing expert conducts a test of the possible solutions.
  6. If a test is inconclusive, proves inaccurate, or can't be held, the proposed solutions are voted on. Voting "None of the proposed solutions are satisfactory" is always an option. The vote is announced at least on the Redmine forum thread.
  7. The whole process is repeated until a satisfactory solution is found.